With the threat of Coronavirus everywhere, we are all being more diligent about wiping down our work areas. Among the highest touch areas in your environment are your keyboard, mouse and touch screens. But most electronic cleaners are not disinfectants, and most disinfectant cleaners will destroy your electronics!

So, how to do the necessary disinfecting?  Paul LaFlamme, IT specialist at Centrend has a good article explaining how to do it right (and safely). Click here for cleaning and disinfecting recommendations for screens & phones, for keyboards and mouse or touchpads:

How to Clean and Disinfect Computer Equipment Without Destroying it.

How may I help?

There is a lot of information and advice out there, much of it conflicting – particularly as it pertains to relaxation of telehealth rules and loan programs. And it changes almost daily. I have been working to bring up to date, accurate and actionable information to doctors in private practice to help them weather the Covid19 storm and its impact on their practices and financial health.  If you would like a discussion of how you can weather the storm and how you can prepare for reopening, please reach out.