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Keep Practice Staff and Providers Safe with Entrance Screening

One of the key steps practices can take to keep their staff safe from Coronavirus is to make sure everyone, including patients, staff, and even providers, is screened each time before entering the office, by a staff member in PPE. This includes a non-contact temperature screen and also response to a questionnaire.

Some of the questions relate to symptoms each person might have – fever, difficulty breathing, cough. Other questions seek to determine if the person has had risk of exposure (or has actually received a diagnosis of COVID-19.)

If any of the answers point toward contagion or potential exposure, there are a number of recommended actions ranging from requiring quarantine to contacting the health department and initiating contact tracing.

Follow this link to download a sample of a questionnaire specifically for staff and practitioners: Medical Practice Coronavirus Screen Form. The questionnaire is courtesy of Brian Ramos of Capital Anesthesia Partners.

The pdf of the questionnaire has the Great Practices logo. If you prefer to use your own practice logo, I can provide a word document version so you can easily do so. Just send a note with that request to

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