The FBI has recently issued a fresh warning about email scams aimed at healthcare providers. These phishing scams take advantage of the concern providers have for Coronavirus issues and target providers with emails designed to appear helpful. The FBI belies the malicious code is intended to get a foothold in healthcare networks for exploitation to perhaps come later.

Here is a link to the FBI Alert on COVID-19 Phishing

Here are some of the subject lines and senders that should raise serious suspicions:

Email Sender Email Subject Attachment Filename PURCHASE ORDER PVT Doc35 Covid Business Form.doc Returned mail: see transcript for details Covid-19_UPDATE_PDF.7z COVID-19 UPDATE !! Covid-19_UPDATE_PDF.7z Information about COVID-19 in the United States covid50_form.vbs Coronavirus (COVID-19) covid27_form.vbs Business Contingency alert -COVID 19 COVID-19 Circular.jar Todays Update on COVID-19 Todays Update on COVID-19.exe World Health Organization/ Let’s fight Corona Virus together COVID-19 WHO RECOMENDED V.exe