You have now re-opened your practice (or you have been open, but with very few patients). How do you keep your patients, your staff and yourself (and family) safe? I’ve compiled a list of actions to consider/changes to the way you likely ran your practice before COVID-19, from sources such as the AMA, MGMA, CMS and others.

All of these steps are designed to either minimize the proximity or duration of potential transmission exposure between individuals, or to minimize contact with potentially contaminated surfaces. Some of which are easy to implement and others not so much. Following any of these policies will impact not only the health of your patients, but also that of your staff, yourself and your family.

I have put it in the form of a bulleted list, so you can quickly identify if there is something you might want to consider implementing in your practice. Undoubtedly you have seen and potentially implemented many of these, but if you see only one or two actions you would consider, then it will have been worth the read. The pdf also includes links to some useful references.

Click here for the PDF: Practicing_Safely_in_a_COVID-19_World.pdf

I hope you, your staff, and your family stay healthy!