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The HHS Portal for reporting Provider Relief Fund uses is open FOR REGISTRATION ONLY!

From HHS: “All recipients of Provider Relief Fund (PRF) payments must comply with the reporting requirements described in the Terms and Conditions and specified in directions issued by the Secretary. Recipients of PRF payments exceeding $10,000 in aggregate must register in the Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal.” You will not be able to login using your existing Optum ID and password.

The portal was originally supposed to open for reporting on January 15th and close on February 15th. It did open on the 15th, but only for registration. At present, there is no deadline for completing registration in the portal. Recipients who are registered will later receive a notification via email about when they should complete the second step of submitting reporting requirements information on the use of funds.

The registration process will take at least 20 minutes to complete and must be completed in one session. You cannot save a partially complete registration. Make sure you have all the information required to register before you begin.

Required information:

  • Tax ID Number (TIN) (or other number submitted during the application process (e.g., Social Security Number, Employer Identification Number (EIN))
  • Business name (as it appears on a W-9) of the reporting entity
  • Contact information (name, phone number, email) of the person responsible for submitting the report
  • Address (street, city, state, five digit zip code) of the reporting entity as it appears on a W-9)
  • TIN(s) of subsidiaries (if a provider is reporting on behalf of subsidiary(ies) – in a list delimited by commas, e.g.,123456789,987654321,135791357)
  • Payment information (for any of the payments received)
      • TIN of entity that received the payment
      • Payment amount – You need ONE example of the EXACT AMOUNT (down to the penny) of a payment received through the program. Do not use a payment received within 5 days of when you are registering, as it may not yet be reflected in the system records.
      • Mode of payment (check or direct deposit ACH)
      • Check number or ACH settlement date

You will also need to create a username (in the form of an email) and a password during the registration process.

The portal is only compatible with the most current version of Edge, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Other browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari will not work.

HHS has a portal user guide which may be found here: PRF Reporting Portal User Guide

If you complete registration and discover a mistake or omission, you will be able to fix it only once the portal allows reporting. You will not be able to fix it through registration only. If you need to change your username or contact email, contact the Provider Support Line at (866) 569-3522. Support is available 8:00am to 11:00pm Eastern Time.

Here again is a link to the portal: Provider Relief Fund Reporting Portal.

Once the portal is open for reporting:

PRF Funds, including any interest earned on these funds, may be allocated against expenses attributable to coronavirus and not reimbursed by other sources and/or to offset lost revenue. Any funds not allocated to either of these categories must be returned. Detail on what are acceptable coronavirus expenses may be found in an earlier blog post: Provider Relief Fund Deadlines, Allowable Usage, and Reporting Requirements

Lost revenue may be calculated by any of these 3 methods:

a) The difference between 2019 and 2020 actual patient care revenue

b) The difference between 2019 actual and 2020 BUDGETED patient care revenue. (Must be based on a budget established and approved before March 27, 2020 – additional documentation will be required at time of reporting)

c) Any reasonable method of estimating revenue lost due to coronavirus – recipient must submit a description of the methodology, an explanation of why it is reasonable including why the loss is attributable to coronavirus. This method carries increased risk of HRSA audit. If found unreasonable, you would have 30 days to resubmit a report using one of the other methods.

Unexpended funds:

If you did not expend PRF funds in full by the end of calendar year 2020, you will have an additional six months in which to use remaining amounts toward coronavirus expenses and/or lost revenues. Lost revenues may be calculated by comparing 2021 first two quarters actual revenue with either 2019 first two quarters actual revenue or with 2020 first two quarters budgeted revenue. Details of how these numbers may be calculated may be downloaded here: Provider Relief Fund reporting requirements – PDF

HHS assessment of your uses of funds will be partly based upon when you received funds and what type of entity you are. You will need to know in which of the 3 Phases of PRF distribution you received funds (could be more than one). You will also need information on receipt of PRF funds by any parent or subsidiary organizations.

The HHS FAQ sheet has additional useful information: Reporting Portal FAQs

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